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While SSL certificates used to be only enforced for websites collecting sensitive data, such as online shopping carts, in 2014, Google announced that search rankings would be affected by whether or not a website had an SSL certificate. This encouraged more website owners to install an SSL certificate, regardless of the sensitivity of the data being transmitted on their sites. In 2017, Google introduced the “Not Secure” message to be displayed on Chrome browsers if an SSL certificate is not installed when users typed in the domain address bar. 

By now, that was enough for web site visitors to view whether or not a website was protected. But by 2018, that unforgiving “Not Secure” message became permanently visible in the Chrome browser for sites without a certificate. All other browsers followed Google’s lead, and made an indication on their browser to also permanently show your site without the SSL certificate is not a verified site.

All in all, there are three key reasons you should install an SSL certificate on your website.


No matter the type of information your website is collecting, even something as little as an email address, it is important to transmit all of your potential viewers’ information securely. An SSL certificate allows you to encrypt all data submitted through the forms on your site ensuring you are the only recipient, protecting your visitors.


Visitors who see a “Not Secure” message displayed at the top of their web browser may begin to question your security practices in general. Is this a legit company? Does this company share my personal information I share? Will this company encrypt my sensitive data, or can hackers easily retrieve it? By making sure your web page is certified and secure, you can immediately remove those doubts, and keep them from immediately closing your site from their browser.


As stated in the introduction of SSL certificates, Google made it where your search ranking will be affected whether you are certified or not. This means, you will rank lower, and it will be more difficult for viewers to find your website without an SSL certificate.

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SSL certificates give your website a clean, simple way to receive credibility from the viewers.


With Google's algorithm effecting the search rankings, you can fight less for the ranks if you have an SSL certificate.

Security for Non-Profit Sites

With an SSL certificate installed on your web page, all the data transmitted through it is encrypted, protecting everyone.

Security for Shopping Carts

SSL certificates are essentials when you own an online store. You don't want customers leaving due to lack of security.