Shared Hosting

What IT IS

     Shared Hosting is a form of web hosting, in which there are multiple different websites on a single web server. Utilizing Shared Hosting is an economical and more affordable way to get your business the web presence it needs. This option is great for small or new business owners, as it is a fantastic way to get your website started without the considerably expensive bill.


Best Hosting


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Share processes and data securely on a need to know basis. We know your business depends on our dependability.

Safe and Secured

Our team assured your web site is always safe and secure with certified SSL certificates, malware scans and malware prevention.

Our Dedicated Support

We finally found a host that truly understood the unique necessities our clients need and deserve.

Pricing Plans


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Visits per month
Total Sites
Hosting type
Bandwidth per month
Free domain w/2-3yr plans
Free daily backups
1-click restore database
Recommended SSL
Transferable Sites
Malware Scan
Malware Prevention
Consultative onboarding
High availability
Content Performance
Imported SSL
Free Email Addresses

We Offer


Free Daily Backups with 1-Click Restore

Everyday your website's database is backed up to ease your mind. What if my website crashes unexpectedly? You are covered! It can be easily restored in 1-click..

Unlimited Free Email Addresses

Simple as that. Our company offers unlimited free email addresses with most of our hosting packages. Our Deluxe, Ultimate and Maximum package offers this option.


Unlimited. You read that right. UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH is included in all of our Hosting packages! No matter which package you choose, or you choose E-Com or Shared Hosting.

Simple Hosting

With our simple hosting, you will be able to quickly purchase a package, and get started right away! All you need is an existing domain, or purchase one from our domain selection.

Malware Scan & Prevention

To protect your website and your company's personal information, we will provide threat scans that will detect, prevent and removal malware that tries to infect your site.

Free SSL for Some Ultimate & Maximum Plans

We offer a free SSL certification for your domain for the first year of any of our two or three year plans with the Ultimate or Maximum packages! SSL verifies your company to the public.