E-Commerce Hosting

What IT IS

     E-Commerce Hosting is a type of hosting platform that is used for an online shopping cart website. This type of platform provides businesses with what they need to set-up, manage and conduct a web-based e-commerce store. Utilizing the features included allows customers to securely purchase your products online.

Features Include:

– Options to make variations of products

– Ability to place products on sale

– Options to add attributes to products

– Add images, short and full descriptions to your product pages

– Ability to enable stock management at product level

– Link cross-sells and up-sells to your products

– Add shipping information to your products

– Manage your orders easily with our built-in e-commerce plugin

– and more!

Best Hosting


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Share processes and data securely on a need to know basis. We know your business depends on our dependability.

Safe and Secured

Our team assured your web site is always safe and secure with certified SSL certificates, malware scans and malware prevention.

Our Dedicated Support

We finally found a host that truly understood the unique necessities our clients need and deserve.

Pricing Plans


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Total Sites
Hosting type
Bandwidth per month
Unmetered Traffic
Unlimited Databases
Recommended SSL
Free daily backups
1-click restore database
Maleware Scan
Maleware Prevention

We Offer


Free Daily Backups with 1-Click Restore

Everyday your website's database is backed up to ease your mind. What if my website crashes unexpectedly? You are covered! It can be easily restored in 1-click.

Unlimited Free Email Addresses

Simple as that. Our company offers unlimited free email addresses with most of our hosting packages. Our Deluxe, Ultimate and Maximum package offers this option.


Unlimited. You read that right. UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH is included in all of our Hosting packages! No matter which package you choose, or you choose E-Com or Cloud Hosting.

E-Commerce Shopping Cart Set-Up

Your E-commerce hosting comes with the basics you need to start setting up your cart. You will be able to add products, discounts, sales, and more!

Malware Scan & Prevention

To protect your website and your company's personal information, we will provide threat scans that will detect, prevent and removal malware that tries to infect your site.

Fast and Easy Website Migration

We can quickly and easily migrate your website from your current host onto our server, with little to no downtime. Our staff will migrate your website with great care and precision.