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     While a domain name and a website are closely connected, they are not the same thing. A domain name is the name of a website, and is used to identify a specific website that is hosted on a web-server. A website is what people interact with when they enter your domain name into the internet browser, and is created once you obtain your domain name. Having a domain name is essential for getting recognized online. Not only does it identify your website, but it can help brand your business by utilizing the same name as your company.

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They Are Short

A good domain name is relatively short in length. While there is no definite number of characters you should try and use, it is ideal to keep it as short as possible while still making sense. One-word domains are idea, two-word ones are great, and three-word domains are average.

Easy to Spell

Domain names that are easy to spell are fantastic, seeing as you wouldn't want people to misspell your domain name and not be able to locate it. While picking out a domain name try to avoid using any words that: have a complex pronunciation, a strange combination of letters, or anything else that would make it hard for people to search for your website.


A brandable domain name will have a good pronunciation, an intriguing combination of letters, or simply a captivating visual effect. Sometimes, even if they aren't descriptive, they can still be very efficient if it's well known. Brandable domain names help your viewers associate the name with your website.

Easy to Remember

Good domain names are generally easy to remember. Since most internet users don't use bookmarks, it's better to make your domain name easy to remember so people can memorize it. If it's not easy to remember, people won't visit as often since it won't be simple to find.

They Are Descriptive

Good domain names are descriptive, and many internet users will visit your website through search engines or direct links. Having a descriptive domain name will give any visitors an idea of what your website is about, even before they visit. If you're looking for a website hosting service, you wouldn't be inclined to visit a domain name having to do with food.

Domain Names Are Essential

Utilizing a domain name is required to having a website. It makes it easier for everyone to remember and locate different websites. A Domain name to a website is like a postal address for a company. It is used instead of it's numerical location (IP address for websites, geographical coordinates for buildings) since words are easier to remember rather than a sequence of numbers.